Our Approach 


We have developed our approach over a number of years to ensure that our students have the best possible experience and outcomes.  


This begins with our choice of tutors, whose academic and professional background is matched to what research suggests makes for the best academic outcomes.  

Having selected the best tutors, we then train them as much as they require, including in how to use our assessments so that the student's strengths and abilities are known and work set accordingly.  

This system means that we are continually tracking a student's development, providing valuable feedback at every stage.   


All students, except for the very youngest, are also expected to complete homework and textbooks or workbooks as a normal part of their studies.  These are aligned to the National Curriculum, or assessments, as required.  

Thus, tutors, families and students receive our full support.  This helps ensure that the experience is as good and as fruitful as possible.