Why Tutoring is Taking Off 


For most people, their experience of education consists of school, usually followed by college or sixth form and perhaps university.  Qualifications are now vital to personal success and well-being in a way they were not forty or fifty years ago.  


England has some of the best schools in the world, but access to them can be restricted by fees, location, attainment (11+) or religious requirements.  

A world-class education, from beginning to end, can cost £300,000, or in excess of that.  Fees for day schools are now usually five-figures and, for boarding schools, can reach almost £40,000 a year.  


Tutoring offers flexibility, personalisation and economy.  You may worry about your child improving for a particular exam (e.g. 11+) or you may wish to help his/her learning in general.  


Tutoring also offers a much more personal service than even the best schools.  Working individually with students, or with small groups, is very rewarding for all involved.  It also means tutors can ensure that material is not only covered, but mastered, something much more difficult for a classroom teacher with, perhaps, two hundred pupils.  

At Terrific Tutors, we believe very much not only in tutoring, but also in providing the best all-round experience to help you or your child to achieve their full potential.  All our tutors are not only vetted, but trained to work in accordance with our assessment and feedback procedures to help make a world-class education in everyone's reach.